Facility Tour:
This tour demonstrates our ability specific to the processing of construction and demolition materials and residual industrial wastes into bio-mass fuel. That fuel is used by eletrical generation facilities and by manufacturing facilities to produce heat for various manufacturing processes. Ninety-three percent of all materials received and processed are converted to a beneficial use.

We also process used utility poles and railroad ties into biomass fuel via a separate processing operation not pictured here.


Incoming trucks weighing into our facility carrying materials for processing.
C&D materials are unloaded into our tipping building where an initial screening and materials separation is performed.  
Materials are loaded into a primary grinder, the entry point to our mechanical C&D Processing system.  
The ground material is conveyed from the tipping building to the sorting building.
Mechanical material separation equipment is used to move materials on to three separate processing lines based on weight, density and size.
Materials over 12” in size are mechanically separated and moved to a conveyor for hand separation and sorting.

This hand seperation and sorting assures that we maintain a high level of quality in our product.
Smaller material moves through a trommel screen where the finest materials are separated. These fine materials are usable at landfills as alternative daily cover.
Strong overhead electro magnets mechanically remove all ferrous metals (nails, screws, hardware, etc.) at multiple processing points.
Remaining small materials move to a dense out devise that separates the small material by weight and density.
These light weight items move to a separate conveyor where they are reviewed for items not wanted in the biomass fuel product.
Heavier and more dense materials (metal ,rock, stone, brick, etc. ) are hand sorted into recyclable beneficial use materials.
The remaining screened and sorted materials are conveyed to a secondary grinder to be sized as bio-mass fuel. A final overhead electro magnet removes any remaining ferrous metals.  
The final product is conveyed to our bio-mass fuel storage building.  
Finished Bio-mass fuel product is loaded into trucks for delivery to our end- use customers.