We don’t believe in the word “Waste” - W. David Zwicky

The entire nature of our business is based on our special ability to convert our customers’  “waste” materials into to beneficial use products.  We are not your typical recycling center, as you will see by further reviewing this website.

Our primary business is converting construction and demolition waste into clean burning biomass fuel which our end-use customers use to generate electrical energy, and produce heat for various manufacturing processes. We do this on a large scale on our 140 plus acre, fully permitted facility using cutting edge technology, our skilled personnel,and top of the line equipment.

As we process your materials we recover and reclaim all the other materials that can be reutilized or recycled for additional beneficial uses. These materials are our products.

We accept and process:
  • Construction and Demolition Wastes
  • Municipal and Residual Wastes
  • Single Source as well as Source Separated Material
  • Materials from many sources including Transfer Stations, Contractors, Industrial and Manufacturing Operations
  • Other used wood products, including used utility poles and railroad ties
We Provide:
  • Third Party Closure by de-wasting qualified materials
  • Support in achieving your LEEDS Certification
  • A cleaner and greener alternative to landfills, salvaging up to 93% of the materials we process to a new and beneficial use.